Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life Book Week 25 :: Expressing the True You

Wow! this the true me? That's puzzling, or maybe a bit disturbing...doesn't matter. I had loads of fun working on this lesson from the amazing Mitsi B. I guess the fact that this was an overly large journal page somehow took the pressure off to create a masterpiece and allowed me to just play and experiment like I haven't done before. It didn't have to make sense or mean anything, I just painted whatever I felt like painting and didn't care if I MESSED IT UP! It was kind of a challenge for myself to see if I could let go enough to just paint without over thinking. I purposely chose colors out of my comfort zone, even colors I dislike and I'm still happy with the outcome.

Above is the front. Below is what I've started for the back. We're suppose to paint faces with emotion...Yikes...another challenge.

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  1. reminds me of Sheil Silverman! Not sure if I spelled his name right or not probably not but it';s great! Heads will roll!It's actually very beautiful too! Sanna