Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Documented Life Project :: First Quarter Recap

Week 1  ::  Book Paper

These are my lovely journal pages from the first quarter of 
The Documented Life Project 2015.
You can find more information on the DLP here
I really love this challenge...for me it's just the right combination of journaling, 
art, lists, calendar, quotes and stuff to keep me organized and creative.  
I'm just a smidy behind with the art pages, but no worries, I've got all year to catch up. 
As it turns out, being behind and not having posted 
these pages as I did them, worked out better...for this post anyway. 
 It's helpful to see the pages side by side...
I can instantly identify the pages I love and why...  
I see my style emerging!

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Week 2  ::  Gesso

Week 3  ::  The Color Wheel

Week 4  ::  Writing

Week 5  ::  Under Paper from my Art Table 

Week 7  ::  Cover Up the Good Stuff

Week 8  ::  Repeating Elements

Week 9  ::  Use at Least 5 Layers

Week 10  ::  Doodles and Marks as a Layer Elements

Week 11  ::  Borders

Week 12  ::  Doodles and Marks as a Focal Point

Monday, May 25, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday :: March 18, 2015

I'm not going to make excuses. 
I finally finished this Inspiration Wednesday project. 
I'm simply going to celebrate that I DID
I enjoyed the process and I'm pleased with the results
Goal Accomplished
I have three other small canvases started that I plan to use to 
create a small series exploring texture and collage elements. 
The tags I used in this piece are clothing tags 
I've been saving for the past several years. 

Visit Donna Downey here for more information on her Inspiration Wednesdays.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 4 - Words With Friends...

Week 4 of The Documented Life project 
(more info about TDL project HERE)

Challenge: Writing
 Prompt: Words With Friend

 I took a simple approach to this challenge in an effort to get the page done.  
Falling behind already -- don't over think it!
It wasn't a positive, uplifting reflection on the prompt, but a reminder that 
friendship grows and deepens with communication, understanding and 
acceptance of our imperfections.

Spilling onto the blank page I journaled with permanent marker on unprepared watercolor paper. I added bits of white, heavy bodied paint all Wabi-Sabi style over the page so some of the journaling was exposed. I chose three colors for the background, mixed with glazing medium and rubbed paint over the words and white paint with my fingers. I love how the color became more intense where it absorbed into the paper in the background and lighter over the white glossy paint. I drew some random circles with my stabillo pencil and water. Filled the circles with the red and yellow from the background and a little gesso. Typed and printed the words "Words With Friends Are Not Always Easy," added more red and yellow paint to help them blend into the circles and glued down with glue stick. I outlined the words with stabillo pencil again to help them stand out. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Imperfectionist Manifesto No. 3

Having Fun Is the Easy part.
There is no room for fear and perfection when creating!
They only get in the way of Something Great!

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Imperfectionist Manifesto No. 2

Sometimes I need to be reminded to simply 
Show Up and Do The Work!

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Learn more about Living a Creative Life on 
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 The Documented Life Project

Front Cover
Excited and Motivated to start the New Year again with The Documented Life Project 2015 from Art to the 5th (check it out here). These are the front and back covers of one of the two journals i created and they were so fun to paint. The second journal will make sure I have enough room for my lengthy journal entries. Journaling has become a daily habit over the last year thanks to this project and I look forward to it each day. I love, love, love this cover. Urban graffiti feel and the image transfers make me so happy.

Back Cover
I'll admit I was a little stuck (fearful) on what to paint as the top layer because I was so attached to the previous layers and didn't want to ruin (risk) it. I thumbed thru my Inspiration Journal that i keep with clippings of images that catch my attention, other artists work, sketches of painting ideas and my own doodles and symbols. The top layer of images came directly from that journal. Its a valuable tool to spark creativity and I'm more inspired than ever to continue adding to it.

 Below is my journal from last year which has become a bit tattered and worn, but I thoroughly enjoy re-visiting the artwork I created, the quotes I recorded, and the memories I made (good and bad) as part of this Journey called LIFE! 

2014 The Documented Life Project Journal
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