Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Cooking Club Gals

These wonderful ladies are my Cooking Club friends (I'm the one in the vertical stripes). We gather once a month, everyone brings a theme related menu item and we share a delicious meal together. The club turned out to be more popular than I thought it would and we all look forward to getting together to wine, dine and share stories about life and motherhood. The original idea was to technically challenge ourselves in the kitchen and try new recipes we wouldn't normally make for our families (some of us have picky eaters). However, many of my friends are not what I would call the cooking type. Their idea of cooking is to open the Trader Joe's package and serve. So the premise of expanding our culinary expertise and sharing recipes has gone by the wayside in exchange for a fun evening with great girlfriends and great food.

The photo above was our Halloween theme complete with costumes. Below we have Mini Mummy Pizzas and Creepy Cornbread. I brought the Pumpkin Cornbread and it really wasn't creepy...I hope!

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