Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where Did February Go?

I can't believe February came and went and I didn't even post once...and out goes the 3x a week post goal! Oh well, good intention are the foundation on which I run. As for February, it got sucked up in the black hole of activities. Here's a brief summary of the month.

son #1 birthday + son #2 birthday + present shopping/wrapping/returning + dinner's out + parties + sleepovers + monster jam + valentine's day + girl scout cookie pick-up/sales/orders/booths/deposits/tracking + brownie meeting + brownie sock hop + talent show practice + softball practice + gymnastics + school volunteer + school newsletter design + Julia Child report + school holidays + superbowl party + doctors/dentist + paint + paint + paint

That about sums it up. Have a great day!

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