Friday, January 28, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

Forgive the crooked picture but my camera is in the shop and I'm using my phone to snap shots these days. Well, perhaps I'm not as slow a painter as I once thought. When I gave up working in my art journal this week to see what I could accomplish on canvas, I did pretty well. Considering I only paint for about three hours a day I think I accomplished a lot. This is a landscape I'm working on. I thought I liked the big blocks of color in the photo, but when I got them on the canvas, they just seemed boring. Studying this one to think about how I can make it more interesting.

This is something I just started on a whim this week. I still love hearts and would be willing to paint them if I can come up with a style that doesn't look juvenile.

This is the piece I'm still playing with...and I mean really playing with. Below is the before shot and I really think the transformation is amazing. Even though it looks like an apple with a crazy stem, hopefully it will look more like a tree later. I'm using rather bold colors for my taste, but wanted to try something new. Also getting a grip with the whole "Thalo" being transparent concept. I've never really used those paints over images, so the concept was not sinking in. Now I totally get it. the Thalo paints even glided on like butter compared to the more opaque ones. Anyhow....that's what I've been up to this week!

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