Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Charity + Begin

When I started this 52 Words challenge I thought "no problem" I can do one page a week. Well, I must be challenge challenged because I am so way behind. In fact, I skipped the words "Do" and "Merry" which I haven't been very motivated to "DO"! I left the pages in the journal with a sticky note to remind me to do them later or, if motivation never strikes, I'll just create my own word.

For the words Charity (11/29) and Begin (12/13) I was practicing blending with acrylics. I find blending extremely difficult since the paint dries so stinkin' fast. I watched several online video to help me get the hang of it. I do like painting flowers...they're so cheery and fun, always bringing a smile to my face. But my flowers always look the same if I'm painting from memory. I think I need to invest in a book on flowers so I have some reference for different types.

So there's two more's not too late to start your own 52 Words or Less if it looks like fun!

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