Friday, April 8, 2011

Encouraging Words Inspire

The power of an encouraging word and heartfelt support is simply amazing. Yesterday I emerged from my cocoon  that I call home and touched based with a few souls I've been meaning to contact. When they brought up my art and fed me a kind word or two it made my heart sing. Those simple words made me eager to get back in the studio, to keep pushing forward even when I feel like giving up. Thank You!

With life stretching me in many directions, it's been challenging to accomplish much on my art journey lately. The mixed media piece above "Hellebores in the Field"  24 x 30 inches is one I recently finished. For my first attempt at a collage background and oil paint flowers, it's not too bad. It does, however, remind me of what I call Price Club Art which are the large oil reproduction painting you could once buy at Price Club. Oh well, it looks good in my bathroom.

The two pieces below are from Tim Gagnon's video course on Misty Trees. In one of my recent posts I mentioned taking this course to learn his mist painting technique so I could finish a painting I had started. The first Misty Trees painting I started on acrylic paper and found it was hard to blend the paint. So then I started the 12 x 12 inch canvas below. It was easier to work on the canvas, but I continued to work on both pieces for practice. When I look at them now I can't really see a difference. The misty trees in the background were a bit challenging and Tim made it look so stinkin' easy. Ignore my floating tree in the bottom photo. This was just the first weeks lesson...I think I have 3 or 4 more to go. Check back

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