Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Busy Few Days...Are They Over Yet?

Starting with the more exciting event of the few days, taping of the Extra Show at The Grove in Los Angeles. Taping was going on just as we entered the mall and the girls were invited to be part of the audience. Paige is in the hot pink (not a great photo of her, but it's all I had with Mario Lopez) with Samantha next to her and Karly and Kayla behind them. Unfortunately they didn't make it onto the show last night due to their side-stage position. It was, however, extremely interesting to watch the taping process. Then it was off to the main destination, The American Girl store, below, where we had fun shopping and discovering new hair styles (for some of us and their dolls). 

And finally ending the day with a Swim Team beach evening at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. Dang...to much go, go, go for me. And then yesterday....it was off to the Farmers Market at the Great Park in Irvine for produce shopping and carousel rides with Grandma Vera.

And ending that day with a BBQ and fire at the lagoon. The kids had a great time and now I need to rest. Oh yeah...it's off to Wild Rivers today to ride the tubes then to swim practice and then Cooking Club. Yikes!

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