Friday, July 22, 2011

Paint Free Exercises

I recently purchased Wyanne's e-Book "Paint Free" and I'm working through the projects. The first painting above is an exercise to paint continuously for 30 minutes without stopping to think about what you're painting. It's not what I was hoping to end up with, but I like it.

The next exercise was simple, old fashioned coloring, which I do quite often with my eight year old daughter, but never really gave it much thought as I color. Below is what I learned while I was coloring.

I found Wyanne through You Tube while watching some art instruction videos and watched several of hers as well. I fell in love with her style of loose painting or "PAINTING FREE" as she would call it. When I saw she was coming out with an e-Book, I jumped on it immediately with a pre-order. I'm still struggling to find my own style and I know part of that is I'm not painting enough. This summer I'm having trouble finding time to paint, but working through this book has motivated me to MAKE THE TIME ... I deserve it!

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