Monday, August 8, 2011

Brownies Earn Patches

Paige, Makena and Whitney displaying their new art journals.
Paige and her friends got together this summer to earn a few extra Brownie Try-It patches. At my house we worked on art related projects. The girls are displaying the art journals we made with a yarn art cover and tag inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts book "Taking Flight. " Most of the elements in this project cover the Stitch It Together Patch, but somehow we turned it into art. We used the sewing machine to stitch the patchwork pieces together and we sewed a button onto our painted patchwork tag. We roughly stitched the journal together with yarn and the yarn art cover goes with the Color and Shape Try-It patch. We have a few more projects to add to the inside of our journals to complete the other patches. I had lots of fun making these journals with the girls, I think they did too!

Sample journal I made for myself. Can't wait to add stuff to the inside.

We also made paper plate color wheels.

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