Monday, August 1, 2011

Painting "FREE" & "FEARLESS

Exercise #1 from Connie Hozvicka's Free Workshop
"Total Alignment::Opening the Heart Center"

"Don't analyze" she said, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't just paint, especially with kids talking to me and dog barking in the same room. I should have painted right when I got up. I don't think it would have made any difference. I still can't paint FREE or FEARLESS. I painted my heart as instructed and then didn't have a clue what to do. I knew I was suppose to just paint...but what? So I started putting random colors down and watched the way they mixed with the color next to it. I set the timer for 30 minutes and tried to just cover the paper (18 x 24 inches). I'm supposed to paint like a 5 year old and she had mentioned lines, so I painted some squiggly lines. I still had 10 minutes left and the paper was covered, so I started on the next layer. Thought I would paint a black frame around it since I hadn't used black in the background. Then boxes just came to mind, kinda like my heart (where I'm supposed to be painting from) is boxed in. Now the right side looks kind of bare so I thought for a minute, which I'm not supposed to do, about what to add, flowers! Added a few swirly flowers. Even though the painting isn't supposed to have meaning and I'm only to focus on the process, I can't help but interpret the painting to mean "Rosy on the outside, blocked on the inside." Who knew painting from the heart could be so hard. My mind tells me I need a direction and a plan, my heart is blank! Click the button on the right to check out Connie's Blog. Total Alignment started today and will run all week, but the workshop will remain on her blog for future reference. Let me know if you check it out...she is too darn adorable. I'm sure you will love it.

30 Minute Painting Exercise
from Wyanne's "Paint Free" e-course
This painting is from Wyanne's E-course "Paint Free" and this is a 30 minute painting exercise. I was to paint something from my childhood that I loved and I choose candy...I know, weird huh? Well, big surprise...didn't know what to paint. So without a lot of explanation, this is what came out! Not too happy with it, but I'm focusing on the process...right?

Second part of 30 Minute Painting Exercise
"Candy 2"

Yikes...I know! I don't know where this came from or what happened. It looks like a scary Picasso self portrait or something. This is totally not something I would ever paint. The is the second part of the painting above. Needed to paint for another 30 minutes and this is what I ended up with. I laugh every time I look at it! I guess this is happy me after eating candy!

I'm happy I made time to paint lately, even if I'm not so happy with the results. I know all this playing like a 5 year old will help my heart and hands become one...eventually!


  1. Dearest sweet Denise, these pieces are very beautiful and i just love the gorgeous colors! Sounds like a really inspiring amazing course! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  2. I just discovered Connie's blog a few weeks ago--I love her spirit--and yes this will be hard for me too--but I'm gonna try.

    All of these are great--they don't have to look like or mean anything--it's just expression--always the process--not the end result. If we can get past the feeling of trying to make it "good"--how fun it would be--just to paint for no other reason--like a 5 year old!!!

  3. Beautiful work.

  4. Everything about your painting is beautiful Denise...and your heart is not blank--it's just harder to hear over the yelling and screaming of our minds!! But for your first time FEARLESS™ painting--I think you nailed it!

    BIG Hugs! BIG Hugs!