Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Riches in Stitches

So bummed about this!
Put my hand through the dining room window yesterday...now I can't paint.
Already two days behind in the Bloom True course, but so anxious to paint.
It got me out of work today, so I'm catching up on other stuff.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll have better grip with my ring and pinky finger.
Have a super day!


  1. Holy cow, Denise! I hope your hand mends and permits you to paint soon. I know how frustrating it is to have the motivation (and better yet some time!) to move ahead on a project only to have something stop you in your tracks. Wishing you a speedy and painless recovery.

  2. I am so sorry,I hope you can paint again soon.

  3. So sorry to read this, Denise, and you are able to pick up a brush soon. (I am about 3 weeks behind!).

  4. Oh no! I know how hard a hand injury is to come back from. Take carre and get well soon!