Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finishing Up...Finally!

#13 in 50 Painting Series and also #2
 in Flora's Bloom True E-course
Sadly, Flora Bowley's Bloom True E-Course is over and after about 7 weeks I haven't even finished one painting. What happened? Life, I guess! Thankfully Life has resumed a normal pace again and I have been slowly pulling this painting together. My first painting underwent a re-do and is back to square one so I haven't included any photos of it yet.

I still struggle with letting go and letting the brush paint freely...I overthink and analyze everything. I have a long way to go in this intuitive process, but I am really enjoying it more than anything I've tried so far. I am going to continue in this direction and see where it leads me.  

The small flower painting below I started a while ago. I've been adding to it with leftover paint from my palette at the end of my painting sessions. I don't remember where I was headed with this pieces, but now it's getting new life in a Flora-esque way.
#14 in 50 Painting Series
10x10 inch


  1. Denise, I live the "overthink and analyze" thing every day too! I signed up for an online course with Susan Sorrell. I think I spent the first 2 weeks trying to come up with a simple design, the point of which was just to learn and practice techniques, not create a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your struggles with this and showing that one can struggle, but still produce good works regardless of the time issues.

  2. Oh good for you! I always find it hard to come back to a canvas after time away. Have completed one but have many,many started. Not very good at the whole intuitive approach, but hooked:)

  3. Hey Denise : )
    Another over-thinker here. This is why I'm still nowhere near completing my first two canvases. When I get into the groove (rare but blissful) everything clicks into place.

    I love the colour palette on your first piece and think that although it's Flora-esque you've also given them your own style. Here's to lots more fun discovering this amazing technique!

  4. I really like both these paintings, and the textures and colours are lovely. I also have not finished a painting!

  5. Your paintings are wonderful! I loved Flora's course and struggled at times with the letting go as well. It really was a course that pushed me to go beyond my limits. Are you still painting in that style since the course? (Thanks so much for visiting my blog!)

  6. This turned out beautiful! I love the way the light glows behind the branch and bottle. I find I can let go up to a certain point, then I tighten up again. How to keep it going and yet end up with something that feels finished? It's a huge challenge, isn't it? I have a feeling it will be a lifelong practice.