Saturday, November 3, 2012

Patience and Persistence...

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Been feeling a bit down lately! Still looking for a job...not a specialized, technical, 
one-in-a-million job. Just a simple, entry-level, part-time, administrative job. 
Who'da thought that would be so hard, time-consuming, emotionally draining, 
leaving me with so much self-doubt. 
I won't take it personally (even though I want to).
I know my number will come up eventually.
I know I've got what it takes.
Patience and persistence will get me where I want to go.
  In Life and in Art!
Now, if I could really listen to myself and apply what I just wrote
 to my art making, I'd be doing great!
 But, I'm finding it very difficult to take these emotions and idle time and put it to canvas.
It's challenging to focus and get into the groove when my mind is so preoccupied.
I wish I was better at just letting go and being in the moment.
I wish I was better at not over thinking everything!
I wish I could trust that everything is unfolding just as it is meant to be.

I need to trust!


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