Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday at NARF

Sunday's adventure found us at the Newport Autumn Rowing Festival (NARF).
I don't know much about rowing, but find it interesting and a little mysterious.
So when a friend invited me to join her to watch a young man from USC row,
I thought it would make a fun Sunday morning.

It was a beautiful, hot day in Newport Beach and the event was much bigger than I expected.
Teams from all over California and the Western states were here.
Here I am above with my Paige and Scott overlooking the beautiful Newport Back Bay near the finish line.

The adorable young man we came to see here is Ben, who is in his first year at USC
and behind him is his mother, Robin Glasser, who is well known for her illustrations
 in the Fancy Nancy series of children's books. 
Thanks to my friend Jessica and her daughter Kayla for dragging us down here for some 
unexpected fun and adventure!

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  1. What a sweet post! It was a very fun day! We need to do more things like this. Love you!