Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Brighter Days Ahead...Question or Statement?

It's been a full week (last week) of painting, gluing, cutting, sorting, stamping, and all that fun art stuff. Unfortunately and feeling a bit down about it, I have nothing to share. I did finish one piece I was working on. And, upon it's completion, I think I decided I'm not a bright color person. As much as I love paintings others create in vivid, bold colors, I don't think they work for me. Perhaps I should consider my neutral wardrobe and subdued colors in my home as a clue to my preferred color palette. I certainly can't paint what I'm not. When the sun returns I'll snap a photo of the finished pieces (good or bad) and some works in progress. But until then, I'm feeling somewhat like a ping-pong ball. Jumping back and forth, from one technique to another, one theme to another, one idea to another and not feeling very optimistic about any of them. I'm really struggling this week with my style. I'm all over the place and get excited about way too many  techniques I see or read about and then have trouble executing them to my satisfaction. I'm trying to dig deep, evaluate how I view life, figure out what gets my motor running and work from those clues to develop my style. I know I'm rushing the process and focusing on the finished product when it should be about enjoying the journey. Oh I have so much to learn.

So, in the meantime I simply posted a cute little rainy day photo of my son's umbrella fort and I'll patiently wait for brighter days ahead.

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