Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

My Fall Owl painting is another random painting I've been working on lately. I did finally try out my new Shiva Paintstiks and LOVE them! They are so creamy and buttery and blend effortlessly. However, because of their large size I feel a bit clumsy with them. I'm not sure how Kelly Rae uses them with such detail and in small areas. I'm learning to step back and look at my work from a distance. From a normal viewing distance, all the little imperfections (areas where I think I colored outside the lines) aren't yelling out at me and actually look okay.

When I started this painting, my intention was to create a calendar with my artwork to give as Christmas presents. It motivated me to get some paintings started, but as I finished a few I realized I was just creating random pieces and I wasn't getting any closer to defining my style. I was also starting to feel a wee bit stressed by the whole thing, considering it takes me forever to finish just one piece. Now that I've decided to to scrap the project I'm much happier and feel that I'm making progress in the right direction.

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