Monday, July 16, 2012

Comfort Zone Expanded...

Cooking Club on location at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California for a day of relaxation and fun...only I wasn't sure how fun it would be without Lori, the experienced spa goer and planner of this get-a-way. Lori had to cancel at the last minute due to a sick child and I very much wanted to back out being that I was reluctant to go in the first place. None of us have been here before and not knowing what to expect or what to do when we got here, I let my fear of the unknown take over, trying to talk me out of going. I'm happy I didn't let my apprehension stop me because we had an amazing day.

We relaxed by one of the many pools in the morning and some of us took a yoga class. Then it was out to the parking lot for our Cooking Club picnic lunch. We shared delicious food with wonderful ladies and enjoyed the cool shade for a while.

After lunch we went to Club Mud for our mud treatment and some fun people watching.

The lounging pool below, which I didn't really want to visit since it was so crowded, turned out to be my favorite spot. Lying on the rafts, in the shade, looking up at the palm trees and chatting with friends, was so peaceful and relaxing. After lounging, we walked around checking out all the great little hidden spots to hang out, took a dip in the Hot Pool and then the Cold Plunge, and ended our day in the smelly Mineral Bath.

And here we are, clean and refreshed after our wet steam room, Roman bath and shower (we had to try EVERYTHING, just to say we did). I'm so, so, so glad we made the trip. Thanks Ladies, it was a wonderful day and I'd love to make it a yearly Cooking Club event.

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  1. Hi! I took my visiting sister there a couple of years ago for her birthday. I loved the lounging pool. Even tho it was crowded, there was enough room. It is the best "people watching" place around!