Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Visual Diary of my Week

This week I thought it would be fun to document my life with photos. No easy task I might add and now that I've gotten this post finished, it will probably be my last weekly visual diary. took me forever to get these photos to cooperate for some reason and I've pulled out most of my hair already! Anyhow, it's hard to remember to take photos of routine stuff you do and I didn't always remember to bring my camera. In those cases, the trusty phone was my savior. Below is a brief and not-so-complete recap of the week.

Monday, July 2

Workout video and doggie walk everyday.
Trip to the high dive pool for some jumpin' fun.
Creamy Pork Tenderloin with Black Bean and Corn Rice for dinner.

Tuesday, July 3

Long awaited desk organization.

A few journal page backgrounds.

Visit the doctor for swimmers ear....poor Scott!
Yogurt while waiting for the prescription to be filled.

A few rounds of doodle art while watching TV.

Wednesday, July 4

Lunch at Carl's Jr.
A short break by the pool.

BBQ with a few "corny" family members and good friends below.

Fourth of July Girls in Red.

Safety before fireworks.

Spectacular Fireworks in Woodbridge, as usual.

Thursday, July 5

Got Son #1 registered for his first semester of Community College.

Recooperating from the 4th and relaxing at swim practice.

Friday, July 6

Cleaning this bathroom is no easy feat...I broke it up over several days.
So glad I finally got it done. FYI, my side is the clutter free area.

Baked Surprise Cookies with Paige.

Lunch at Del Taco...Steak Taco del Carbon. I LOVE these things.
Dark Shadows at the $2 Theater.
(Don't know why I can't rotate this photo...ARGH!)

Saturday, July 7

Watching my little swimmer swim on the Courtside Stingrays Swim Team.
I out did myself on this dinner. So delicioso!
Meatloaf + dill carrots + Corn Cilantro Salad

Girls night sleepover complete with tent.

Sunday, July 8

A day of rest, sorta.

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