Friday, January 20, 2012

Bloom True E-Course

This is one of my experiments in Flora's style of painting.

I LOVE Flora Bowley's work and have been trying to attend one of her workshops for a few years now. Since I can't seem to make that happen, I just signed up for her brand new e-course "Bloom True." I'm soooo excited...can hardly wait! She also has a book coming out in looking forward to that too!

This course is another step in my quest to focus on the process not the product. Just finishing up my last painting for Wyanne's "Paint Free" e-course. I made the mistake of envisioning the final painting and now it's not unfolding as I envisioned...but I'm going with it and seeing where it ends up. So far I'm liking it!

It's funny, I read an article in CPS Jan/Feb 2012 by Tiffany Teske "The lessons I learned by making art," and she described me perfectly. One of her lessons was to let go of perfection because it's impossible to accomplish. In her teaching experience, students who are perfectionist (that's me) often give up before they have put in enough time and practice to improve. The happy painters are the ones who embrace their mistakes as learning experiences and make a lot of art.

I'm slowly shifting to a non-perfectionist way of thinking and developing an attitude of discovery. It's a very hard shift to paint with an attitude of "freeness" and "fearlessness" but I'm committed to it. So in between working on paintings for Flora's class, I'm going to continue my 50 Painting Series. I have about 7 pieces started so far.


  1. The colours in this painting are wonderful,such a great blend.

  2. I'm loving this painting, and I think you've really "got it". I'm going to take Flora's course too. I've been thinking about it for months and am just going to go for it.