Friday, January 27, 2012

Work In Progress

Here's the progression of my final assignment for Wyanne's Paint Free Class (named #8 in my 50 Painting Practice Series). I was starting to become way too attached to this concept and became afraid to do anything for fear I would ruin it. So I just stood there, staring at it, not knowing what to do next. I knew it wasn't finished and thought it was looking a little boring. I want my paintings to be interesting, and this just isn't.
So I got brave and just started making marks.

Again, I stood there gazing and staring, baffled at what to do next. I spent more time just standing there than painting.  I decided to just do something, whether it's right or wrong. So I took away the abstractness (which I love) and made it cute (which I'm not so fond of)! Unsure if I ruined it, decided to put it away and come back another day when I'm less judgemental about it and see the possibilities.
So I moved on to #4. The first layer of this collage was a piece I started last spring in Paul Gardner's Mixed Media Workshop. Didn't really like it (big surprise huh?) and it just sat there waiting for me to be brave and just do something with it. So a few weeks ago I painted some designs over the first layer. Being my critical self, didn't like it, so there it sat a while longer.

 So I messed around with it a little more.

Added some statements.

Then added some really watered down paint with drips and swirls to the top. This is on watercolor paper that doesn't lay very flat anymore because of all the collage materials in it, so the watery paint pooled in certain areas where it looks muddy. The brighter circles are where I applied masking fluid and have now removed it. So there's my under painting.

Yesterday I started to play with it adding some trees, flowery pods and color. I'd like it to have a landscapey feeling, but not in the traditional sense. I want it to be more fun and interesting and not really make sense. That's hard for the left brain person I truly am!


  1. They are both so beautiful! I really love the white tree you added! I know how you feel when self doubt creeps in - I have been there. But they are both so fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think that the blue and defining the orange with circles really makes that first picture zing!Keep playing and having fun..that's what it is about:)

  3. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring! :)

  4. The colours are wonderful,thank you for posting

  5. I love what you did with the first one - a lot! I think the parts you added are brilliant. Not many artists would have gone in that direction. As for the second one, I really like the blue on the right. What about putting a little more near the left?

  6. Wow...thanks for sharing your progression with your final project and the work that you are doing in Paul Gardner's class. I wouldn't rush your final project. Live with it for a while and let it tell you what it needs. Sometimes it's best to put it in a place that you walk by it everyday...glance at it...and then either you'll learn that it's perfect just the way it is...or you'll know exactly what you need to do. ♥ And thanks for the kudos for Paint Free. I think it's the best class I've ever done.

  7. BEAUTIFUL!! Both are just great, LOVE the colors!